Merry Guess What!)))

So, folks! It's coming! Knock-knock-knocking on all doors)))
Christmas... My favorite holiday. Cuz it smells like childhood. When I think of Christmas, i nearly feel the smell of granny's turkey, cookies and cranberry sauce... I see me and my brother in our pj's hidhing behind  wooden stair railings, watching parents and grandma fill our stockings, hanging from mantel, with sweets, and place gifts for us under Xmas tree.  Nice heart-warming memories...
You know, I wouldn't say I am a conformist. But there are some things I always want the traditional way.
This is how I see Christmas.

Though I don't have a fireplace (I rent a stuio with my boyfriend) and enough room to place a big tree, when we get our own house (after the crisis is over)))), move in, we're gonna have a christmas just like in this picture)
I'm not just day-dreaming, btw. I'm sure that if a person sets the right goals, believes and does much to achieve something, his dreams wil come true. Besides, our thoughts materialize, you know...

Merry Christmas!

A Funny One

I saw this joke on the Web. Next moment I was OTFL))) Here it is.

Due to the current financial crisis the world facing at the moment, the light at the end of the tunnel will be switched off to save on electricity costs, until further notice.
Sincerely yours, God

A good one, huh? ))))

But you know, as it goes, many a true word is spoken in jest. In fact the joke is pretty sad, since it's more than half-true, I believe. Experts have different opinions on that account. Sometimes even opposite ones. When do we recover from this crisis? Will we ever?... Hope we will. And in the nearest future. I was considering taking out a mortgage next year)))

P.S. It's good to keep a sense of humor in all situations. Especially at the most trying moments

Passion for Travelling

It's not a secret that today more and more people are fond of travelling. No wonder, as nowadays it's not luxury than in the previous years. Fortunately, it has become affordable for many people. Comparing different types of entertainment I would prefer travelling. And my choice is quite obvious. The fact is that this type of entertainment has more advantages than others. Of course, it's only my point of view.

However, I have several reasons why I prefer travelling to other types of entertainment. First of all, we can have a rest all over the world. Secondly, we can enlarge our knowledge about cultures of various countries. So, travelling can be both entertaining and informative.

I want to have a rest and visit another country. Hope I will be able to do it in the nearest future  :)

To Go or Not to Go?

Unfortunately, I sometimes face unpleasant situations and I don't know how to behave in them. You see, yesterday my boyfriend's aunt invited us to her birthday. On the one hand, I don't want to go, as it will be right after a job on Friday and I will be tired after my job. And I'm not sure that I will be able to enjoy this birthday. On the other hand, my boyfriend wants to go and communicate with his relatives and I know that he won't go there without me. So, I can't decide what to do....
Of course, there is enough time to think over this situation. However, I learn towards the second variant (to go to the party), as I want to make my boyfriend happy:)

Betrayal… How to Endure It?

Unfortunately, today many people face betrayal. And it is one of the worst moments that can happen to us. What to do if it happens? How to endure this awful period in your life? It is very difficult to make the right decision about what to do next and whether continue your relationships or not…

They say that there are two possible ways to solve this problem. In the first case, people can’t live with those who have betrayed them. So, they divorce and don’t communicate with their ex-partners. They try to forget about betrayal. And it is easier to achieve it when you don’t see the cause of your depression.

In the second case, people forgive their partners. And it is really difficult. However, in this situation people give others the second chance.

Of course, it’s up to you to decide which of these two ways to choose. However, we should remember that people are not protected against mistakes and each of us can make them.

Achieving Aims

Nowadays you will hardly find a person who has no certain aims that he or she wants to achieve. You see, having aims is normal, as people should have something to strive for. In this case they will be able to change something in their life for the better. Logan Pearsall Smith says that there are two things to aim at in life: first, to get what you want; and after that, to enjoy it. Only the wisest of mankind achieve the second. And in some cases it is really so. The fact is that for many people the process of achieving their aim is more important than the aim itself.  You see, achieving certain aims is a kind of competition for such people. They enjoy the process but not the result. So, people are different and they have different approach to certain things. Some people enjoy the process of doing something and others are satisfied with the result of their actions. However, all of them change something in their life when they strive for achieving their aims.

Forgiveness Is Possible...

For some people forgiveness seems to be something next to impossible. The fact is that such people can't forgive those who have hurt them.

However, you should realize that forgiveness is not something that you do for someone else. You just do it for yourself. It is a kind of a gift that you give to yourself. Mind that if you forgive a person it means that you forget about everything that hurts you. So, you won't waste your energy on this very matter anymore.

On the other hand, forgiveness lets you imagine a better future. It allows you to give up your negative thoughts about this or that situation and believe in a better future.

Of course, it's up to you to forgive people or not. However, you should remember that refusing to forgive can make your life miserable.

People say that there is nothing so bad that can't be forgiven. So, thinks about it and make your choice.



Credit Cards or Cash?
We can't deny the fact that credit cards have become irreplaceable friends for many people. And now there are a few people who still prefer cash. The fact is that some people are really afraid of something new. And credit cards are one of those new things.
However, those who have chosen credit cards are happy that they have a chance to benefit from plastics' features. It goes without saying that credit cards are much more convenient than cash. Just imagine that you don't have to carry large sums of money in your pocket. Instead of it, you will carry a small plastic. It's convenient, isn't it?
The next advantage of credit cards is the possibility to get different rewards just for using your plastic. For instance, you have a cash back credit card. So, you can get some of your spent money back. Isn't it tempting? Will you have the same opportunity having cash?
Of course we can't make people use plastics. It's up to people to decide what they prefer, cash or plastics. However, both cash and credit cards have advantages and disadvantages. So, we should weight all pros and cons and decide what suits us best.

Staying Happy… Is It Possible?

Happiness… Very often people can't determine what makes them happy. Do you know what things make you happy? Most people first of all think about such things as money, new house or a new car. But happiness of this kind is short lived. The research reveals that unless we are below the poverty line, money doesn't bring us much happiness.
So, do you believe that staying happy all the time is possible? There are several useful tips that help people to make their life happy.
One of the tips is to stay active. For example, don't stay at home during your weekend or after work. Spend your free time doing something pleasant. For instance, try to determine your passion and use it in your everyday life.
One more useful tip to stay happy is to get more sunshine. It's true that light deprivation can be the main source of depression. So, sunshine can improve your mood.
And don't forget to laugh often. I hope that I don't need to explain why:)
Most people are sure that it is next to impossible to stay happy all the time. However, people can bring a little happiness to their life.

Friendship between Men and Women

Do you believe in friendship between men and women? Can women and men be "just friends"? There is no doubt that everyone faces this problem. And people have different opinions towards this topic.
Some people believe in such friendship. Others are sure that it is impossible. Everything depends on people.
They say that women and men can be just friends if they follow certain rules. And it depends on the situation. For example, if a person isn't married, it is ok to have friends of the opposite sex. You see, it is almost inevitable. The fact is that nowadays women and men go to school together, work together. So, they make friends with each other.
Things are absolutely different if a person is married. In this situation you compare your friend of the opposite sex with your partner. And it can lead to serious problems.
Of course, it's up to you to believe in friendship between men and women or not. However, I think that such friendship is possible as long as people maintain proper borders.