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Friend Is a Gift of Fate

Friendship... What does it mean? Do we really need friend? Why? There are a lot of people who have only a few friends. However, some people have even less. Just imagine that there are people who have no friends at all. Such people have no one with whom they can share their problems or their joy. Nobody will support them in this or that situation. It's sad, isn't it?
Friends are a kind of gift. They will cheer us when we are depressed. They will help us when we have problems. They will motivate us when we are ready to give in. They will stand by our side when we need their support... However, don't think that we need friends when we have some problems. Even when everything is well, we need friends to share memorable and pleasant moments with them. We need them to laugh, to have a good time, to enjoy some mutually liked activity... We share many things with our friends. You see, we can't share some things with our parents or relatives. However, we can share anything with our friends.
Friends make us feel accepted, respected, loved and cared for. They will do their best to find different ways to stop us from making mistakes.
Friendship is the source of courage. If we have no friends, we will never come out if there is a problem. However, when our friends are with us, we won't sit inside if our friend is in trouble. Be sure, our friends will help us in different stuations. They help us to avoid big troubles. A real friend is a person who stays with us when we are in trouble and after the problems are solved.
Friendship is like a tree. When it finds the correct soil in another heart, it will start its growth and nothing will be able to stop it...
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