toothpick_tp (toothpick_tp) wrote,

Forgiveness Is Possible...

For some people forgiveness seems to be something next to impossible. The fact is that such people can't forgive those who have hurt them.

However, you should realize that forgiveness is not something that you do for someone else. You just do it for yourself. It is a kind of a gift that you give to yourself. Mind that if you forgive a person it means that you forget about everything that hurts you. So, you won't waste your energy on this very matter anymore.

On the other hand, forgiveness lets you imagine a better future. It allows you to give up your negative thoughts about this or that situation and believe in a better future.

Of course, it's up to you to forgive people or not. However, you should remember that refusing to forgive can make your life miserable.

People say that there is nothing so bad that can't be forgiven. So, thinks about it and make your choice.



Tags: forgiveness, living, people

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