toothpick_tp (toothpick_tp) wrote,

Betrayal… How to Endure It?

Unfortunately, today many people face betrayal. And it is one of the worst moments that can happen to us. What to do if it happens? How to endure this awful period in your life? It is very difficult to make the right decision about what to do next and whether continue your relationships or not…

They say that there are two possible ways to solve this problem. In the first case, people can’t live with those who have betrayed them. So, they divorce and don’t communicate with their ex-partners. They try to forget about betrayal. And it is easier to achieve it when you don’t see the cause of your depression.

In the second case, people forgive their partners. And it is really difficult. However, in this situation people give others the second chance.

Of course, it’s up to you to decide which of these two ways to choose. However, we should remember that people are not protected against mistakes and each of us can make them.

Tags: family, living, relationships

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