toothpick_tp (toothpick_tp) wrote,

Passion for Travelling

It's not a secret that today more and more people are fond of travelling. No wonder, as nowadays it's not luxury than in the previous years. Fortunately, it has become affordable for many people. Comparing different types of entertainment I would prefer travelling. And my choice is quite obvious. The fact is that this type of entertainment has more advantages than others. Of course, it's only my point of view.

However, I have several reasons why I prefer travelling to other types of entertainment. First of all, we can have a rest all over the world. Secondly, we can enlarge our knowledge about cultures of various countries. So, travelling can be both entertaining and informative.

I want to have a rest and visit another country. Hope I will be able to do it in the nearest future  :)

Tags: entertainment, travelling

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