January 15th, 2008

The First Step to Happiness

There are a lot of people who have the same situations as others have but they live wonderful and fascinating lives. How did they manage to make their lives happy in spite of different circumstances?
The first step to happiness is rather simple. You should love yourself. To love yourself means to understand that we are not perfect. Remember that you won't be perfect. No one is perfect!
When you accept the way you look, your current job, your family, friends and all the things that you have now, you will be able to know what genuine happiness is. You begin to love yourself and be happy.
Unhappy people never accept the good in their situations, as they always compare themselves to others who seem to have what unhappy people are lacking. The fact is that they see themselves as a failure in life. The fact is that they don't know how to love themselves.
If you compare yourself to others, you will never manage to love yourself. And you won't be able to feel genuine happiness.
One more tip on how to make your life happy is to bring humor into your day. There is nothing like a good laugh to arouse happiness. For example, start your day with a funny video clip or something like this. Be creative about this and use different methods that make you laugh. Bring more humor into your day and feel happier.
So, it's up to you what kind of life you will have. Take your chance to fill your life with happiness!