January 18th, 2008

Shopping And Credit Card Debt

It is a well-known fact that many people get rid of different kinds of stress with the help of shopping. As a rule, shopaholics are women. It is a kind of relaxation for them that help to change their mood.
Usually, shopaholics have several best credit cards. They can buy a lot of the same things all at once, even if they don't want or need. And as a result, compulsive shoppers can easily get into debt.
It's not a secret that shopping is a very serious addiction. It is a kind of drug for many people. Compulsive shoppers experience general symptoms associated with addiction. Many people believe that the process of shopping will make them feel better. They shop every time when they feel lonely, angry, depressed or bored. When shopaholics are spending money, they experience a kind of euphoria. During this time they can spend shocking amounts of money on things they don't really need.
That is why many shopaholics can't avoid credit card debt.