January 22nd, 2008

Why People Lie?

There is no doubt that in everyday life we are often telling lies. Though some people don't admit this fact, but they have had situations when they had to lie. For example, you tell your grandmother that her knit sweater is exactly what you really wanted. Or when you explain to people that you have missed an important meeting because one member of your family is ill.
However, lie can be of different types. Some people lie to avoid conflict or embarrassment or to get what they really want. Other people lie to spare someone else's feelings and they say what people want to hear.
As a rule, most lies are told to strangers. We know that the first impression is very important and we do our best to make a good impression on people.
So, people can't deny the fact that they have never lied. However, there are situations when we can't but lie, as we don't want to hurt other people.