March 4th, 2008

Why Do We Love Spring?

There is no doubt that for the majority of people spring is the most desirable time of a year. Why is it so? The fact is spring is seen as a time of renewal. It is almost impossible not to note these refreshing and beautiful days of spring. Everyone notices pleasant temperatures, longer daylight hours, florescent plants and flowers, different birds beginning their new families.... Isn't it wonderful?
For many people spring is a time of new life, a time of reflection of good and bad things in their lives. It's not a secret that some people start a new life in spring as it is the start of better times. When everything around is so beatiful, we can't but want to change our lives for the better.
It may seem that everyone loves spring when the grass is growing, the sky is blue, flowers  are in blossom. However, there are people for whom spring is like a torture. Those people who suffer from allergy won't be so happy when spring comes.
Even if people have such problems with their health, ther are also waiting for spring... Nobody can explain why it happens so...