March 18th, 2008

Money or Good Relationships?

 Unfortunately, nowadays not everyone can boast that he/she has a perfect family. There are different factors that can influence the relationships in the family. Do you know the main reason for different quarrels? It is known that in many families it is money disputes...
There are well-known situations when parents and children or married couples have awful quarrels because of money. Just imagine that money has a power to destroy different relationships. Unfortunately, it is true. There is no doubt that people can avoid such situations. The only thing people need is to value other people that surround them and not to put money matters on the first place.
There is a wrong assumption that people who have money can buy anything. Don't believe it. Such people will never be able to buy sincere friendship or love.
For example, there are a lot of people who are lack of money, but they have good relationships in the family. And there are other people who have money but they don't love and respect each other. What will you choose? I'm sure that the magority of people will prefer good relationships to money. And this is the right choice.