April 8th, 2008

Relationships between Parents and Children

It's not a secret that the most important people in our life are our parents. Unfortunately, some people don't realize this importance and very often they hurt their parents. Why does it happen? It goes without saying that we can't choose parents. However, if we are offered this opportunity, I'm sure that all of us will choose our parents. However, there are situations when children can't understand their parents. As a rule, it happens during adolescence. It is the time when children feel that they are adult enough to do what they want. And very often this time can be time of the constant quarrels between children and parents.
Unfortunately, at this age children don't understand that their parents do their best to prevent children from mistakes that can influence their future life. It seems that parents don't understand their children… However, it isn't so. Everything that our parents do is done for our sake.
So, it's not so easy to maintain good relationships in some situations. However, it is possible. We should realize that nobody will love us so much as our parents do. So, we should remember it and do our best not to hurt them.