May 2nd, 2008

Shell Credit Card. To Get It or Not?

Nowadays, we can't even imagine our life without a car. No wonder, as it makes our life easier and more convenient. That's the main reason for getting a car. It may seem that having an automobile has only advantages. However, it can also be the main source of additional expenses.
Today gas prices are extremely high and it can be rather expensive to possess an automobile. However, car drivers are searching for different ways of reducing their car expenses.
For example, my friend Jack was advised to get a gasoline credit card. Why not? These plastics can be great way of saving money on fuel. Just imagine that having gasoline plastics you will be able to get gas rebates for using your card. And Jack decided to obtain Shell credit card. Frankly speaking, now he is really satisfied with his card. He says that with this plastic he manages to save a lot of money on fuel.
Now I am at a loss... To get this credit card or not? You see, the main problem of many cardholders is that they get a credit card that is advised by their friends or relatives. I'm sure that a person should choose a plastic in accordance with his/her own lifestyle, needs and preferences. Probably, another plastic will be the best for me, but not this one. So, I should really think about it.