May 14th, 2008

What Way of Solving Problems Is the Best?

It's not a secret that early or late we face situations when we can't avoid various quarrels in the families. However, they say that those quarrels and problems are natural in young families, as people get accustomed to each other and quarrels are the result of this process. And may be this way of solving problem is a possible one, as people should tell each other about different things that annoy them.
However, quarrels are not the only possible way of solving problems. Unfortunately, most people can't control their anger when they are irritated and they shout at their spouses. More than that, sometimes they can even fight with each other. And very often quarrels can result in divorce.
People who don't want topsoil good relationships with their spouses prefer another ways of informing them about thing that irritate them. For instance, my cousin Vanessa chooses one of such methods. When she is irritated by something, she doesn't quarrel with her husband. She just writes about this or that situation in her own blog. And her husband read it. Then they talk about the problem and solve it without quarrels.
I'm against quarrels and I'm sure that they can lead to serious problems in the family. So, think twice before quarrel with your spouse.