May 23rd, 2008

Overcoming Shyness

It's not a secret that many people suffer from shyness. And very often it prevents people from communication with others. If you think that it is impossible to overcome your shyness, you are mistaken. There are several steps that can help you to do it.
First of all, ask questions. As a rule, people like to be asked about them and their life. For example, before you social engagement, think of several open ended questions that you will be able to ask. In case you put your attention over on to the other person, then you will less think about how shy you feel.
The next step is to become a good listener. Probably, if someone is telling you about something interesting that happened in his/her life you will want to tell him/her your own examples.
One more step to overcoming shyness is to practise with strangers. For example, you can practise engaging in small talk with a person standing next to you or with a cashier. Practising with people who you will never meet again can give you more confidence and help you to overcome your shyness