June 24th, 2008

People's Habits that Drive Us Crazy

It's not a secret that bad habits are unconscious for many people. It goes without saying that you met people whose behavior drives you crazy. For example, some people don't realize that clipping their fingernails in the lunchroom is disgusting. Others don't know that having a shower once a week is unhygienic.
However, nobody is perfect. And we are not an exception. You see, the research shows that 20% of questioned people say that their colleagues have at least one habit that drives them crazy.
So, how can you cope with the situation when someone's behavior drives you crazy? Very often annoying behavior can be the source of many conflicts. No wonder, as sometimes people can't restrain their emotions and, as a result, they hurt people.
In such situations we should think about our own behavior. Probably, we don't notice that our habits also annoy other people. And if something in people's behavior drives us crazy, it's better to talk to people and try to solve this problem.
I think that in such situations we should be patient. Then it will be easier to talk to other people about their behavior.