July 22nd, 2008

Staying Happy… Is It Possible?

Happiness… Very often people can't determine what makes them happy. Do you know what things make you happy? Most people first of all think about such things as money, new house or a new car. But happiness of this kind is short lived. The research reveals that unless we are below the poverty line, money doesn't bring us much happiness.
So, do you believe that staying happy all the time is possible? There are several useful tips that help people to make their life happy.
One of the tips is to stay active. For example, don't stay at home during your weekend or after work. Spend your free time doing something pleasant. For instance, try to determine your passion and use it in your everyday life.
One more useful tip to stay happy is to get more sunshine. It's true that light deprivation can be the main source of depression. So, sunshine can improve your mood.
And don't forget to laugh often. I hope that I don't need to explain why:)
Most people are sure that it is next to impossible to stay happy all the time. However, people can bring a little happiness to their life.