August 4th, 2008

Credit Cards or Cash?
We can't deny the fact that credit cards have become irreplaceable friends for many people. And now there are a few people who still prefer cash. The fact is that some people are really afraid of something new. And credit cards are one of those new things.
However, those who have chosen credit cards are happy that they have a chance to benefit from plastics' features. It goes without saying that credit cards are much more convenient than cash. Just imagine that you don't have to carry large sums of money in your pocket. Instead of it, you will carry a small plastic. It's convenient, isn't it?
The next advantage of credit cards is the possibility to get different rewards just for using your plastic. For instance, you have a cash back credit card. So, you can get some of your spent money back. Isn't it tempting? Will you have the same opportunity having cash?
Of course we can't make people use plastics. It's up to people to decide what they prefer, cash or plastics. However, both cash and credit cards have advantages and disadvantages. So, we should weight all pros and cons and decide what suits us best.