toothpick_tp (toothpick_tp) wrote,

School Years

Yesterday I received a letter from my classmate. This letter reminds me of my school years. And I can say that those years are the happiest in my life. You see, during this period of life we don't care about many things. First of all, we don't think about finances, as our parents do it instead of us.
During these careless years we spend our time doing different things. Of course, we spend the largest part of our time on studies, but the rest of our time is devoted to communication with our friends.
So, my classmates are my friends, a part of my life, a part of my family. I am always glad to see them or receive calls or letters from them. Though we had some misunderstanding in the past, they are my family and I can't be angry with them. More than that, we had to rub through various difficulties together and those difficulties made us closer to each other.
I can say without hesitation that my classmates are my family and I will never forget about them...
Tags: classmate, family, friends, letter, life, time, years

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